Status Updates From Idiots

February 17, 2010

The “Dear” Updates Have Got To Go

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Kahla *********** – “Dear Starbucks: I’m pretty sure you forgot the caffeine in my triple venti mocha. But I forgive you….see you tomorrow!” 😀

– Dear People who write letters on their status updates, you’re about as lame as your parents for having you. There should be a law against stupid shit like this and if found guilty sentenced to an underwater submarine prison for a maximum of 5 years.  All the guards would walk around in orange jumpsuits carrying spear guns and the prison would be run by this guy: Warden Ricky “The Trick Slappin” Hickey. Ricky don’t look like he f**k around either. :9

November 20, 2009

You’re Never Going To Believe This…..

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Kahla *********** – is “OH HEY!! guess what i heard this morning! a guy is opening TWO yogurt places in Alpine AND they are going to be the “weigh it at the end” ones, yummmmm can’t wait! i may even trade my Starbucks habit in for a yogurt habit!” :q

– I haven’t the slightest… what did you hear? Yogurt in Alpine? NO F**KING WAY! OMG!!!! YUMMMMM!!!! I can finally stop buying that shit from the Trench Coat Guy who lurks around the Kmart parking lot. Thank you Kahla! Not only are your conversation skills with NOBODY impressive, but your enthusiasm over a Yogurt stand is truly the gayest thing I’ve ever read. :9

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