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July 14, 2010

I Threw Up on My Computer… Again

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Danielle ****** “Ok, so now my knee is putting out this yellow-y goo….and I’m told it’s the start of the healing process. Why does this seem wrong to me?”


— Cause you’re an idiot.  This is just plain gross.  I don’t even know you and I want to throw hydrogen peroxide all over your leg.  I mean come on.  Mel Gibson would rant on you like he does the blacks and Jews, but since he’s not here, I will.  When you thought ‘hey you know what, I’m gonna post a picture of my leg bloody and AIDS like on Facebook’ what did you think the response would be? Keep pictures to loved ones, vega$$$, roomies and besties, please don’t start an album entitled bloody wounds and healing puss.  I’m gonna go puke now.


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