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February 23, 2010

Lots Of Cute Ideas

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Vito ******** – “What’s funny is if I had a girl I’d probably be like, “stupid hallmark holiday, what the heck am I gonna get her!?” but since I don’t I’m all like, ” Man, if I had a girl right now she’d be so spoiled, I have all these cute ideas.” ~~~My father once told me, “V, the grass onna the other side…thatsa the greeny one.”~…~~ He’s right.”

– What’s even funnier is your dad hinting around the idea that you should turn gay, which means he’s given up on you. Besides, bitches ain’t gonna be messin’ round with some dude who has “cute ideas”. Side note: please refer back to your 3rd grade notes on how to properly use quotation marks. Putting symbols and dots in your sentences just because you think they look smart doesn’t make you smart. I have more respect for a neanderthal who tries to play fetch with a rock than the nonsense you posted.

January 25, 2010

We Get It… You’re Gay

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Jamie ********* –  “Just fixed my air such a lesbian.lmao.word of the day lesbionic.loving life.”

– I always thought lesbians either chopped trees down in the forest or arm wrestled for cash in Vegas. I had no idea they’ve become domesticated with air purifier’s and shit. P.S. –  It’s not 1854; nobody gives a damn whether you’re a clam bumper or not.

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