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February 23, 2011

He Doesn’t Get It

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Wilbur ******** – “why did i fall in love for just to end up feeling shitty like this” and 2 minutes later he posted this “wont answser her phone this is so damn messed up its not even funny”

– First of all, Wilbur, you fell in love because that’s what people do…. we fall in love. Now, the best remedy for a broken heart is to f*ck a tubby crack whore. As you’re humping her catchers mitt of a vagina you’ll realize “wait a minute…. I am cool. I can do better than this”. Secondly, your ex won’t answer your calls because at some point she realized she was dating a guy named after the Charlotte’s Web pig. I suggest you keep calling, stalking, and updating, she’ll come wind sprinting back to you in no time.


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