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April 25, 2010

Double Jeopardy!

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Ronnie ******** “baby mama drama folks!!!! i aint never going bak to illinois!!! aint tryin to go bak to prison for life!!! to all my folks yall here me gangsta!! wish i could put one in the air fo my dog but like i said i aint goin fa murda ya heard me!! six up get at big folks!!”

–This can fall in the category of being slightly racist, but I think we all know who posted this.  I’m pretty sure this person isn’t currently doing any type of cancer research or charity work.  Not sure if someone died or if someone is going to die and if said person is someone’s baby mama?  Seriously this could be used in a court of law and people should realize that posting things in this nature could ultimately lead to 25-life… yall.


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