Status Updates From Idiots

February 24, 2010

The Slap Test

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Lindsay ********** Wow what a niight hung out at 2 bev hillls mansions 1 Britney Spears producer lol”
Oh lord

–Okay first let me describe the slap test.  It’s not too complicated.  If you read something or hear something someone says and you honestly have to 100% restrain yourself from slapping them so they learn never to open their yappers again, then they’ve failed the slap test.  I wanted to punch this girls status update in the face.  First, notice she used only one set of quotation marks.  Not sure if that is a new use of the english language, but I think it shows early signs of mental retardation.  Second, if you have to use LOL at the end of a sentence it’s not funny!  F.  Third, am I missing something?  Is there supposed to be an ‘AND’ somewhere in there?  Does Britney Spears have producers?  How do you spell night?  I’m angry and confused…

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